SSGA Partnering with the Lincoln Library to Host Series of Workshops for Businesses and Entrepreneurs


Springfield Sangamon Growth Alliance (SSGA) is partnering with the Lincoln Library to host a series of lunch & learn workshops throughout the summer - with the first workshop happening on May 10. The four-part series called “Leveraging the Library: Grow Your Business by Maximizing Library Resources” will showcase the numerous tools and resources available for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The workshops are aimed at providing valuable insights and practical guidance on how to use library resources to grow and aid your business.

“Most business people are not aware of the full power of the library and the resources that are available to help support and grow their business,” said SSGA President and CEO Ryan McCrady. “We also want people to know that the library is a center for knowledge and learning in the community, and this knowledge can provide direct benefits to business owners and leaders. There are a variety of specialized physical and digital tools that people can access via their library cards. These workshops will help people learn about all of the tools that are available to them.”

“Lincoln Library is committed to providing access to resources and being a catalyst in a thriving community,” said Lincoln Library Director Summer Griffith. “We have worked to invest in new and innovative technology, software, and electronic resources and one of the ways we want to serve the community is through economic opportunity including job skills, business development, and providing tools to those who are shaping and investing in our community. Whether you have an upstart, a non-profit, or an established local business we have tools and resources to benefit you. “

All workshops will begin at noon and will be held in the multipurpose room at the Lincoln Library located at 326 S. 7th Street in Springfield. Lunch will be served at the start of each 40-minute presentation with time for questions at the end. Registration is required to attend. If you are interested in attending, go to to register for any of the following workshop dates.

Workshop Details:

  • May 10: An Overview of Lincoln Library Resources for Businesses and Entrepreneurs
  • June 14: Owners and Operators: Researching Real Estate in Springfield
  • July 12: Library E-Resources for Businesses and Entrepreneurs
  • August 9: Be Your Own Market Researcher with Data Axle Reference Solutions

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